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What happens when you add women to your c-suite?

by | Jul 11, 2023

Here are the advantages to adding women to your c-suite:

More Profitable

Having women in executive positions can tremendously impact a company’s financial performance and profitability. In other words, companies with diverse executive teams have shown improved profitability, higher returns on equity, and raised shareholder value.

More Socially Responsible

By embracing and promoting gender equality in leadership roles, companies can foster a more socially conscious approach; this ultimately leads to a positive brand image/reputation for the organization.

Provide Safer, Higher Quality Customer Experiences

Women in senior roles often bring a customer-focused mindset and understand the importance of delivering excellent customer experiences, which is good news for your company!

However, according to research, only 6.6% of Canada’s largest publicly traded companies have a woman at the top!

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