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Top Tips To Land That Great New Job in 2023

by | Nov 1, 2022

Changing careers or finding a new job can be frustrating.
Everyone’s been there at some point in their career whether by choice or not.
It doesn’t have to be though… however, overwhelming it can feel, recruiters are a resource that can get you results.

Here’s my top tips on how to land that great new job in 2023!

Work with a Recruiting Agency!

Recruiters are experts at matching a candidate’s overall professional profile & expertise to companies and roles that are the right fit for them. Top employers across Canada regularly engage with recruitment firms because they need expertise especially in niche searches.

Working with a recruitment agency ensures your resume gets seen by the key decision makers. You won’t fall into an impersonalize abyss of resumes in a company’s applicant tracking system. Your recruiter has direct access and can speak to hiring managers or human resource staff directly about you. This is key.

Hiring managers trust recruiting experts such as Hunter National Recruitment because they need quality staff, quickly, and they know we can help them access sought after talent successfully. Hiring managers have full days without the added burden of finding new team members. They know and rely on us because all we do is find great talent for great teams.

What are the advantages recruiters provide?

  • Knowledge about the employment market intricacies.
  • An established network of companies they know and understand thus expertise in aligning you with the right employer.
  • A coach or mentor who understands your goals and ambitions and can help you get to where you want to be.
  • Expertise in supporting you through the pre-interview, interview & post-interview processes.
  • Requirements for meeting potential employer expectations & competencies.
  • Ensuring a positive experience, despite the results. There is after all learning in each situation and having an open conversation with your recruiter about that leads to success in the future.

What should I do if approached by a recruiter?

  • Keep an open mind! Always take the time to listen to an opportunity being presented. Shutting the door before even knowing what it is can cost you a career opportunity that could be a game changer for you and your career growth. DON’T say NO. That initial chat is a 5-minute investment that can change your life forever!
  • Learn. Knowledge is power, hearing them out and learning about what this opportunity could offer provides you with good information on where you position yourself in the market.
  • Think about your network. You never know, the job may not be for you but perhaps someone you know could benefit from that career move and you just helped a friend or family member. Feel good moment! (In most cases there are referral bonuses too you deserve it!)
  • Be future focused. Establishing a new contact with someone who is privy to awesome job opportunities is always good to have. You never know when you or someone you know, may need it.

How should I decide to work with a recruiter?

  • Be selective. They reflect on you. A recruiter is your ally, someone you trust with key decisions about your career & future so choosing who you work with is important. Don’t feel a good vibe with someone? Don’t trust them with one of the most key decisions in your life.
  • Watch for THE Red Flag. If any recruiter tells you not to work with other companies, that’s a red flag. This means, they don’t have your best interest at heart. Not every recruitment firm works with the same clients so why close those potential doors? (Keep in mind… What Suzie says about Sally, says more about Suzie than it does Sally.)
  • Ask about their process. It’s totally OK to ask THEM questions on their process and what they specialize in. If they are a quality recruiter, they will have a defined process and will appreciate your interest in understanding it.

How do I make working with a recruiter successful?

  • Do your part. The candidate / recruiter collaboration is a TWO-WAY street. You are a team; so honesty, respect, and follow-up are key factors in the success of the overall process. You need to do your part too.
  • Don’t lie. That never works out well for anyone. Be transparent about: if you are actively interviewing, your true degree of interest in a role or company, did you graduate high school or university etc.… Lots of employers run background checks, if things don’t align that reflects bad on you & your recruiter. Everyone’s effort and time is wasted.
  • Keep them updated. Make sure you update them about changes to your situation and especially share your honest perspectives after any interviews.

Working with a recruiter should be a positive life and learning experience. Reach out to us at Hunter National Recruitment to work with a recruiter with trusted success in the field, years of experience, and a passion for building our clients teams by finding people just like you.

Don’t settle for anything less.

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