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by | May 3, 2021

Welcome to HNR’s blog! So thrilled you decided to visit!

We hope you enjoy the website, benefit from its content and utilize our services to help you find a new career opportunity, hire that ideal candidate and enjoy browsing our blog!

Our intention is to post content that will be beneficial to you on a professional & personal level. Sometimes it’s someone’s story that may have an impact on you, a topic we feel aligns with our values, or perhaps a quote you will find that will be exactly what you need, and we may even teach you a few things that will benefit you and inspire growth. Whatever it is you get from us, we are happy to share, we want to help you and more importantly, have an impact!

You can learn about HNR from reading our About page; however, if you are curious as to who, what, why & how Hunter National Recruitment came to be, stay tuned on a future blog post coming soon!

If you feel you have a story to tell, life or professional experience you feel someone could learn from or want to contribute to our blog, that’s great! Reach out to us at contact@hunternationalrecruitment.ca with a specific topic, point form reasons you feel it can contribute to professional or personal growth and how this came to have an impact on you (how it was helpful). We love hearing from our candidate’s success stories, client’s industry knowledge or even if you have a life experience that you know others can benefit from learning as you did, we are open.

Here is to the start of something truly great! I promise it won’t be boring, you’ll want to tune in, you’ll take away content with value and at the very least we will put a smile on your face. So WELCOME to our blog and to Hunter National Recruitment! We are happy you came to visit!

Pull up a chair, grab a coffee and browse through our coming blog posts.

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