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We’re proud to be Canadian, bilingual, and woman-owned! Our Team has a profound impact on the careers of countless individuals.

We believe in doing the right thing for our clients and candidates. We provide the most effective and personalized, innovative solutions for companies looking to hire top talent.

You’ll love working with us because…


We build relationships based on integrity.


We challenge the status quo in service and quality.


We foster diversity in recruitment.


Passion is at the core of what we do.

Your talented, dedicated, diverse team is closer than you think.

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What matters to you, matters to us!

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Our Vision

Building teams that shape a better tomorrow.

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Our Mission

Recruiting top talent, helping companies across Canada achieve more.
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Together, we make it happen!

Natalie Amesse

Meet Natalie!

Founder & Managing Director

With an expansive career working in leading industries, Natalie is no stranger to the inner workings of corporate team building, process improvement and thinking outside the box to overcome a variety of operational & staffing challenges. Understanding where to have the right people doing the right functions and knowing where & how to source them from is instrumental, and this is where her expertise comes in.

Natalie is recognized for delivering on complex requisitions, is trusted to build several key teams nationally for her clients, and is known for sourcing niche talent. Her down-to-earth, transparent and authentic style and her passion for her calling are instrumental in HNR’s success.

When you’re searching for top talent, you don’t just want to find the right person—you want to find the right fit based on your core values.

That’s what we do at Hunter National Recruitment.

Our Values

Alignment - Collaboration - Commitment - Enthusiasm

Customer Centricity

Our customer’s success is the core focus in what we do and why we deliver on it so diligently.


We listen, care and function as an extension of your team. Working with you in tandem.


Mutually fostering partnerships that demonstrate thoughtfulness and consideration for everyone invested.


Being fact based and transparent in our communication, building trust based on our expertise.


We deliver uncompromising quality and positive energy in everything that we do.

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Let us share how we can make a difference for you. Our partnerships are built on the value we bring to our clients and our success is measured on your satisfaction. Ready to explore new possibilities? Connect with us!