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We have a lot to be proud of, we are Canadian, bilingual, female owned & led, community focused, inclusive and we’ve impacted the professional journey of countless individuals.

We established HNR because we are passionate about doing what’s right by our customers and candidates. We provide professionals a resource they can trust and rely upon, that offers them insight & value beyond the hiring process. We build honest and authentic customer relationships that align with core values and demonstrate our absolute passion for building winning teams.

We challenge the status quo in service and quality and introduce positivity, energy, and passion in everything we do. We build meaningful partnerships with Canada’s top employers and dedicate our efforts to helping them achieve more!

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Our Vision

To create positive and meaningful impact through successful partnerships.

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Our Mission

To connect professionals with career opportunities that ignite their drive, potential and passion for our clients who trust us to build their teams with the doers, drivers, builders, and change makers of tomorrow.

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Together, we make it happen!

Natalie Amesse

Meet Natalie!

Managing Director

Natalie is engaging, strategic, communicative, trustworthy, highly intuitive, empathetic, and resourceful. Her work ethic is only surpassed by her persistence to achieve.

Our Values

Alignment - Collaboration - Commitment - Enthusiasm


In our pursuit to find you the best fit while remaining true to your values and fulfilling ours.


We listen, care and function as an extension of your team. Working with you in tandem.


We give 100%, all of the time because we love what we do.


We deliver uncompromising quality and positive energy in everything that we do.

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