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4 Things to Remember When Applying to Jobs After Graduation

by | Jun 13, 2023

Jumping into your dream career is easier than you think.

The hard part is managing your expectations and checking in with yourself in terms of mindset.

If there were 4 key things, we should share with all recent grads to help them get their career off the ground, it’s these:

  1. Manage your expectations with regards to salary and compensation for your first full time job. We get it, we know your value and you were told in school you’d make 6-figures. Here’s the reality, it won’t happen right away, but you will get there by making smart decisions and being patient. In the meantime, remember that money isn’t everything. In your first job, it’s better to love your work and the company you work for, than to only chase the dollar sign.
  2. Your first job shouldn’t and most likely won’t check off all the boxes. It is however the steppingstone so view it as your foundation. Look what it will give you in terms of learning and how you can apply that towards your growth. Sales, Operations, HR, Finance, whichever one it is, it’s an opportunity to learn and leap forward. Get your feet wet, experience what it’s like to be in a corporate environment, experience working in a team, and sharpen your skills. Your first job is a steppingstone on the path to your long-term success.
  3. On that note, being successful in your career is so much more than just doing a job. There are many facets to career development, and some aren’t found in a job description. The learning continues past graduation and quite honestly never stops. CEOs don’t start as CEO’s, they take every learning experience they can get, they listen, observe, learn, ask questions, take risks, FAIL and they get back up. Ps: Don’t ever be afraid to fail, even in failing there is tremendous growth.
  4. Be strategic and map out a plan. Think about what you want for yourself, and how you can achieve it. You fail to succeed when you fail to plan. Use the resources around you to implement that plan by working with a recruiter. They have market knowledge, contacts with hiring managers, and relationships with companies that are actively looking for candidates like you

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